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Mom Outfits Inspired by Taylor Swift's Eras

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It is no surprise that I am a Swiftie. If you scroll through my social media you will find videos and photos of Taylor Swift concerts and genuine love for the singer simply because I have grown up listening to her!

My best friend Kristen and I saw her for the first time live in Washington DC during her Fearless era. It was the best concert I have ever seen and we were both hooked. Since then, we have been on every tour she has come out with so we have evolved with Taylor and even grown up with her since Kristen and I were both born in 1988.

When we went to the Eras Tour in Pittsburgh I noticed the different outfits on the streets which was so fun to people-watch to! I also noticed the different age groups coming to the concert and it got me thinking about the different outfits to wear not only at the concert but also street style. So, I decided to come up with different street-style looks for us moms who love comfort but also want to look stylish.

Debut Era

So, the debut era is probably my least favorite album. I liked it when it came out and her songs were clever for her age, but my style in music is not deep country. The style in this however is how I love to live my summers! When you think of debut you want to lean towards boho chic with a country twist. Therefore, a nice flowing summer dress with cowboy boots and large accent jewelry will make this look pop! Don't forget the signature TS curls!

taylor swift outfits debut
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Fearless Era

This was the era I truly fell in love with Taylor! At the time glitter and glam were my aesthetic. I remember this era because I was in college so the heartbreaks, the connection, and the best friend songs hit home. As a mom, I don't plan on rocking sparkly dresses on the daily but I will have my accent pieces sparkle like a nice bag or large chunky earrings to give a little sparkle to life! For the outfit, I wanted to add high cowboy boots just like Taylor's on-stage boots and a simple look otherwise.

taylor swift outfits fearless
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Speak Now Era

Speak Now brings me back to a wonderland of medieval times and puffy dresses. The whole theme of this album was everlasting love with fairy princesses off-finding Prince Charmings. Although not my favorite album, it was an amazing tour. Taylor got to show her creativity and imagination. During this time I rocked sun dresses so of course I wanted that to be the focal point and make it purple! I also added a hairpiece and cute shoes to complete the look.

taylor swift outfits speak now
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Red Era

Oh, my Red was a vibe. This was the heartbreak album that made me want to go to a coffee shop and become a true hipster. Taylor's album style is the route I took for my inspiration, I decided to go with a collared shirt, black skirt, loafers, a black bag, RayBans, and of course bold red lipstick. She was such a vibe here.

taylor swift outfits red
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1989 Era

With the release of 1989 TV, we got to go back in time to Taylor's first true pop album which is phenomenal. I LOVE this album; it's in my top 2. The style for this album can go multiple directions but I went for the sophisticated Kennedy look for a work-inspired look. I took a light-blue waist-fitted dress, a beige bag, and a seagull necklace but upped the 90's style with those RayBans. This is a complete look that will make you look chic and cool, but feminine.

taylor swift outfits 1989
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Reputation Era

This album is life. It was such a comeback and the tour was perfection. This was one of my absolute favorite tours! Taylor completely reinvented herself and allowed us to see her sultry side. It fit our age bracket at this point and she became even more relatable. I went everyday rocker with this look with leggings, a newspaper shirt, edgy jewelry, and combat boots.

taylor swift outfits reputation
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Lover Era

The girly, colorful album is such a fun way to dress! This album brings so much happiness and color to the world that I needed to show that through clothes so I took jeans and paired them with a pastel top. I also decided to add fun jewelry and hair chalk for another fun element.

taylor swift outfits lover
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Folklore Era

I feel like Folklore is perfect for the autumn/winter looks and less for the summer even though it is rumored to be a spring/summer album. I decided to go the classic cardigan route with white jeans, a turtle neck, and a pair of comfy clogs. It's such a great campfire outfit to curl up with a glass of wine and listen to one of the greatest masterpieces of all day. This is my personal favorite Taylor Swift outfit.

taylor swift outfits folklore
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Evermore Era

Evermore is equally as brilliant. There are some songs I wish were on Folklore so I wouldn't have to go back and forth so much. In my opinion, Evermore is very fall and probably more fall than Red, so I used flannel! I took a pair of faded jeans and paired them with a cream-colored bodysuit and added a flannel to the look. With accessories, I thought the beige boots were on fire, and adding the evermore gold necklace completed the look.

taylor swift outfits evermore
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Midnights Era

Oh, my Midnights is such a dream. I adore this album. It's so clever and just magical to listen to. I went back and forth with how I wanted to capture this look because I feel like there are two faces to this album. I see the 1970s vibe and I also see the bejeweled look as well, but for the everyday style, I chose the 70s route and found rust pants with a striped long-sleeve shirt. I decided to dress it up with a pair of moon and star earrings and beige sneakers. I liked this look for a kid's birthday party, brunch, or play date. It's really easy and chill.

taylor swift outfits midnights
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The Kelce Era

The last look is for my football lovers and it's called the Kelce. For this look, I copied Taylor and took a Chiefs jersey with a black skort and a pair of cute Nikes. To jazz the look up a bit I linked a pair of earrings.

taylor swift outfits chiefs
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I love making looks! I want to do more of these, so let me know if you like these styles and what other styles you would like to see.

Find the complete list HERE!


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