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Wellness Hacks for Busy Moms of Special Needs Children

Wellness is a tough topic for mothers, especially special needs mothers. We are designed to be a hands-on mom 100% of the time without anything in return. It's in our DNA. So when someone tells us to take some time, we stare at them. There is no time! Between sports, therapies, doctor appointments, and school-related events there is not much time for a self-care list. We, unfortunately, have to make time. That is why I have a few wellness hacks for busy moms that can save us all time!

Take the Time for Wellness Hacks, so Wellness Can Follow

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It's taken me almost three years to devise a plan. I started realizing that even though we as parents have limited time we need to take some well-deserved self-care time to increase our health and longevity. If we don't, unnecessary health risks increase. If we aren't healthy how are we going to take care of our kids?

Stress is the number one enemy.

Stress hurts the body and unfortunately, it's part of a mothers day. According to the American Psychological Association, stress affects all facets of the body including musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, nervous, and reproductive systems. Stress signals a flight-or-fight mechanism in the body which in small amounts is good but if done in excess can wreak havoc on us!

So, how can we combat this stress and start increasing our health indicators?

Well, we take action with habit stacking and using different methods that bring us peace, joy, and happiness. Some of these ideas encourage supplements and some bring movement into your life. These are obviously recommendations, but I thought about things that extremely easy to incorporate into your everyday life.


I don't take a ton of supplements. I think that spending a lot of money on supplements is wasteful because most of our vitamins and nutrients can come from food. I have started with a few supplements however that have given my body an more life, especially my hair.

wellness hacks for busy moms

Armra is a colostrum supplement that helps with gut repair and immune revival. This supplement was created by a doctor who suffered from tremendous gut problems and found a solution to repair her insides which was colostrum. Colostrum is the fluid that comes from the mother right after the baby is born before the milk is produced and it's potent stuff! I have noticed a lot of changes in my hair, skin, gut, and energy with this product.

Athletic Greens is another product that I am truly obsessed with. I drink this green powder every morning and the energy production is incredible. I feel so much better when I take it versus when I don't. It packs a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals and helps keep the gut balanced and healthy.

The last supplement I take is Nutrafol. This supplement is specifically for hair growth and I have been impressed. My hair has become shinier, longer, and fuller since I started taking the month 2 months ago. This is my favorite product out of three and give it a 10/10.

The other two wellness tricks I have implemented have been harder to invest in because they require daily practice. The first one is journaling with the Daily Stoic Journal Guide by Ryan Holiday. The practice involves journaling with a journal prompt each day for 360 days. I am not perfect with this; honestly, some days I forget, but I do remember it gives me a chance to reflect on my actions, life, and where I want to be.

I believe my final wellness hack is the most important and that's daily movement. Movement is medicine. People were born to move and we don't move enough. The sedentary lives we have created have become the social norm and this is why we feel stiff, sedentary, and cannot maintain appropriate weights for our frame. I love weight lifting, biking, and yoga but also enjoy walking in nature. I cannot wait until spring so we can start walking more. Movement gives our bodies the love and support they need to thrive and our moods are immediately lifted when we just move.

wellness hacks for busy moms

As moms, we don't get nearly enough wellness into our lives. We constantly choose our children, husbands, and pets over ourselves because that's what we are "supposed" to do, but how can we take care of everyone else if we don't take care of ourselves? I preach that, but I have a difficult time living it. It's hard to take yourself into that self-care zone when so much care and work needs to be done around out.

This is why I choose small habit-stacking strategies to start with. I figured if I started smaller, then I could stack more on afterward and I encourage you to do the same.

What are some of the wellness hacks and tips you live by?


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