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Amazon Easter Basket Gift Guide

It's Easter Basket time! That means finding gifts that aren't junk. This is why I created this ultimate gift guide for two age groups that I feel are the hardest to buy, especially when it comes to quality toys and games.

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Amazing Amazon Easter Basket Gifts

The first age group is between the ages of 1-4. This is a fun age because knowledge and curiosity are starting to flourish, so you want to buy things that are educational and time-consuming. You want children at this age to explore. So, why not use toys?

Amazon Easter Basket Gifts
  1. Sensory Boat. My three-year-old and one-year-old both love this boat. My 3-year-old, Ellis, has autism and is a serious sensory-seeking, and this boat provides a comfortable compression that helps with frustration and sensory feedback.

  2. Bath Jellyfish. These suckers take bathtime to a whole new level. They light up and are so cute. Kids are extra curious and when you turn the lights off they go nuts! I love them and so do my kids.

  3. Sensory Bubble Spinner. I love these because they are easy and portable. This silly thing is a great calm-down tool and a great basket stuffer. Very affordable and easy.

  4. Bee Hive. The Bee Hive is great because of its educational value. This toy is great with its color matching and fine motor skill components. It's a teacher's and OT's dream toy.

  5. Window Art. I used to love window art when I was a kid, so why wouldn't my kids like it? Ellis has been into painting and this was a great activity for him to practice his fine motor skills and patience. It's a little bit different than painting on a canvas, so it was a great new activity.

For my older two, I went for the brain games and creativity-type activities because this is the age where their brain is starting to grasp more adult concepts and problem-solving increases, so I wanted activities to make them think.

Amazon Easter Basket Gifts
  1. FlipSlide. This is a problem-solving, portable game that requires you to think. You have to slide and flip to match the colors in a timed manner. I thought it was awesome and the kids get competitive with it.

  2. Egg-Mazing. Isla is in this creative-art phase which we love, so I thought she could take her egg-decorating skills to the next level with this cool contraption. The egg spins so you can create designs with the markers. It's a neat take on egg painting.

  3. Kanoodle. This is another brain teaser game that challenges all ages 5+. It's like a live tetras where you have to fit the beads in the spaces with different challenges. I thought this would be a great game for them and us.

  4. Root Growing Kit. Growing veggies and living off the land has become a lost art, so I thought it would be a great at-home science project for the kids to watch their veggies grow. It's getting their hands dirty, it's science content, and there is always a sense of satisfaction when you grow your things.

  5. Tamagotchi. Last, but not least, is a 90's classic. I loved this thing when I was a kid, so why not get my kids one? Taking care of something, even if it's electronic, is a great skill to pick up.

So, there you go! A small, but clever, Amazon Easter basket gifts that are not a waste of money but a perfect resource for your children's needs!

amazing amazon easter basket gifts


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