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Binge-Worthy Books to Read Now

Oh, girl, I am deep-diving into some serious reading gold here. These books that I have read in the past month have been so juicy and addicting that I couldn't help but share the most binge-worthy books thus far.

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Read Now To Escape

Reading for me has been such an escape and I have created this amazing nighttime routine that centers around getting that nightly reading in, but what books are worthy? I tried the self-help book route, but honestly, it's just not me. I want to feel something. I work on myself too much during the day to want to read that anymore; I want to escape! I want to fall in love with characters and dive into their stories, so I pick Lifetime/Hallmark sometimes cringy romantic stories that make me cry, laugh, and smile. We need that, don't we?

That's what led me to romantic, and sometimes erotic, novels. The storylines, the characters, and the dramatization led to some epic page-turning magic.

Binge-Worthy Books That Will Make You Fall In Love

So, without further ado here are the binge-worthy books that I have read so far. If you own a Kindle then get ready because all of these books are on Kindle Unlimited.

Binge-Worthy Books to Read Now

The Spanish Deception is about a pair of co-workers who find love most strangely. The main character is a young engineer from Spain who has to go back to her home country to attend her sister's wedding. The problem is that her ex-lover (also her former professor) is the best man. Therefore, she wants to have a boyfriend but the problem is she doesn't have one until her hated co-worker invites himself to be her fake boyfriend and go with her to Spain. With no other option, she agrees and that's where the story gets juicy as can be. This book was a world once they got to Spain. The playfulness, the sex, the lust, and then the love will make you drool, such a good book!

Binge-Worthy Books to Read Now

From the same author as The Spanish Deception, the Long Game is about a firey soccer PR agent whose daddy owns the company and asks her to leave on an extended vacation after a very scandalous PR stunt. On her trip, she has to help the team charity gain some good PR, but she doesn't expect to find an ex-soccer player as the coach. He's a grumpy man wanting to hide from the public and they quickly hate each other until hate turns into some unwanted love. This story keeps you on your toes and wonders if they will or if they won't.

Binge-Worthy Books to Read Now

Ugh, this series reminded me of The Summer I Turned Pretty but the adult version. I was so obsessed with these books. The first one called Things We Never Got Over is about a runaway bride who finds herself stranded in a small town in Virginia due to her evil twins' lies. Now she has an 11-year-old niece, a grizzly-looking man, and a new town to look forward to as well as an evil twin who puts a lot of unnecessary drama into her life. Things get exciting and tense in this story and I had a hard time putting the book down. Once you read the first you become so invested in the characters that you have to read the second and third installments of the series. The first and third were my favorite but each character has such a niche and personality that I do love all three.

Binge-Worthy Books to Read Now

This book was a quick read. It's about a mega-superstar hockey player who finds himself falling in love with the team's flight attendant. Vee is not your typical flight attendant and Zee likes that about her so much that he cannot stop thinking about her and eventually, he finds himself falling in love which is so unlike himself. This book to me through so many emotions and this was by the best on the list. The best part is that the book turned into a series of books and the third installment is a definite tear-jerker!

Why Haven't You Started Reading Yet?

I have been so obsessed with books lately that I would LOVE to share monthly readings with you guys. Let me know if this is something you're interested in because I am so passionate about books and I forgot that about myself which is the point of my blog. Finding the purpose of your life and finding the typical in an atypical life because sometimes we need to escape from our reality to fully come back to it.

Binge-Worthy Books to Read Now


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