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Mom's Night Out: Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

I thought it would be enjoyable to have a mom's night out post monthly. As moms, we rarely get alone time or breaks but then once in a while, we all get to have a night to ourselves. Recently mine was Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour. Let me tell you this was an epic mom's night out.

My History with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Opening

Taylor and I have a history. I have been attending Taylor Swift Concerts since the Fearless Tour in 2010. My best friend, Kristen, and I have tried our best efforts to get backstage by dressing like complete fools. We have been rhinestone studded, glittered glamorized, and even sophisticated chic, but still never got the invite backstage. The closest I ever got to Taylor Swift was a drive-by where she put her hands and head out the window to wave. Needless to say, we LOVE TayTay and have been avid fans for over 10 years.

Like most people I connected with her music and the closer in age you are to her the more you parallel with her lyrics as she ages. Since I am 35 and she is 34, I vibed with her every which way. So when we scored tickets to the most anticipated tour of the decade I was pumped! Readers, she did NOT disappoint. The Eras Tour is by far her best production ever!

The Eras Tour Pointers

Here are something you should know about The Eras Tour:

Taylor Swift Delicate

  1. The Eras Tour is 3 sometimes 3.5 hours long. This is insane stamina. The majority of her tours lasted 2 hours and you felt complete satisfaction leaving but on this tour I could barely walk. I was sore the next day from jumping, screaming, dancing, and riding that adrenaline high for over 3 hours!

  2. Merch lines are insane. I recommend going the day before your concert because they open select merch sites outside the venue or leaving the concert when she starts bowing and heading straight to a merch site. I decided to go to merch after the concert and literally no line. My friend went the day before and was able to get the items that sell out quickly (like the blue crewneck sweatshirt) which made life a lot easier. Don't forget that the day after your concert you want to check your email because you get a promo deal for the online tour merch which is worth it.

  3. If you are in a seat where you can see the back screen, watch it. The back screen is amazing! The artistry, the story, and the subtle hints of easter eggs are on that back screen. The details are truly incredible and well thought out. She's a genius I'm convinced.

  4. The fans are really nice. I never once ran into a rude fan and even during the bathroom craziness fans were gracious and I never ran into an issue.

  5. Go to the bathroom at the right times. You will want to go to the bathroom during the act before Taylor and I suggest heading to the men's bathroom. Our venue converted most of the men's bathrooms to women's due to the influx of women at the concert. If you have to go to the bathroom during the concert I suggest the transition between Red and Folklore just because it's a tad longer than the rest. Folklore I believe is also the longest set list so she will be dressed in her Folklore attire for 7 songs and the setup really doesn't change until 1989. When I looked at forums before they all said between Enchanted and Reputation but the Reputation entrance is just too good for me to recommend that.

This post is probably a little late since she is almost done with the American leg of her tour, but for those of you still going I suggest getting a creative outfit. It's so much fun to dress up, especially as a mom, and to see others dressed up. Us fans are SUPER creative. With that being said, I thought it would be fun to share a few outfit ideas that we wore to the show!

Show Day Outfit Ideas

Taylor Swift Lover Outfit

Taylor Swift 1989 Outfit

Taylor Swift Reputation Outfit

Taylor Swift Midnights Outfit

Reminder to the Moms

Moms have a good time. Taylor Swift is absolutely brilliant. The show is like nothing I have ever seen before. Dance, drink (if you want), laugh, cry, sing your heart out because you deserve this. You deserve to live this moment in style.

Taylor Swift Group Picture
This was a mother-daughter event for us!




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