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Iced Vanilla Whipped Coffee

Let's talk coffee because god knows I love coffee.

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Whipped vanilla coffee

I drink coffee like I should drink water. #justbeinghonest It's not always healthy and I am sure my adrenal glands are not thanking me lately, but I AM TIRED. It's also a guilty pleasure and so wonderful to just have an iced coffee daily. As a mom, we just need that ONE thing you know?

Which Brings Me to the Recipe of Coffee...

With that being said, I have been on the hunt for the most delicious and quickest coffee recipe because I have zero time and my taste buds are particular, so it's no surprise that I HATE a standard cup of joe. I am that girl who has that boogie drink that is probably 5-7 bucks, but it's called a guilty pleasure for a reason.

Think About the Past

So let's go back to 2020 (I know scary thought right?) when TikTok was all the rage and random recipes and dances happened to be substantial viral sensations. Are you there? Perfect. Do you remember whipped coffee?

Whipped Coffee the Viral Sensation

Whipped coffee surfaced and it was the coolest recipe around until baked feta hit the web. I myself did not get into it during the pandemic. I thought it was weird. I obviously was not in the phase during that time, but I had a revelation when it resurfaced in Kristin Cavalari's new cookbook: Truly Simple. This recipe has changed my coffee routine for the better. I redid her recipe to my personal preferences but she was the muse.

Vanilla Whipped Coffee

Let's discuss the details shall we?


I am usually a brand freak but for instant coffee, the choices have started out slim. So, I went with Starbucks instant coffee until I can find a better brand that doesn't taste like dirt. I usually get a blonde roast.


The next thing you want to pick up is a type of syrup or honey. I rotate between raw honey and vanilla syrup depending on how I want my sugar selection to go. I would really look at the sugar content to decide and take into account taste buds. Choices could range from lavender, caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, cinnamon, etc.


What's your milk preference? That's the next choice you need to make. I find the raw milk gives you a butterscotch vibe whereas almond milk is a lot less sweet. Coconut makes the coffee an interesting, sweeter flavor but beware of coconut chunks. Any milk is fine, but I would use a type of milk versus water.

Here's How to Indulge
  1. Add 1 tbsp of instant coffee to a taller glass.

  2. Add 2 tbsp of hot water (some say boiling, I have tried both and it's fine).

  3. Add 1/2 -1 tbsp of syrup/honey.

  4. Use a frother to still the ingredients together for 2-4 minutes.

  5. Add ice and milk to the cup.

Now sit back and enjoy!

Would you like more recipes? Let me know and comment below. :)


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