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Drunk Taylor is Goals and This is Why

Look, I am not a huge fan of the VMAs. Back in my tween and teenage years, I loved watching the MTV Video Music Awards, but as an adult, it's difficult to watch. Gone are the days of NSYNC, Britney Spears, and Eminem being the most scandalous people there. It's way different now from the production to the clothes, and the choice of performers. Not saying it's "bad" because it's not, it's just geared toward their demographic which is not my 35-year-old self.

drunk taylor

However, when I heard that Tay Tay is set to attend and most likely win, I clicked back and forth between channels because she is an absolute goddess and I adore watching her. So, I tuned in.

Taylor Swift is a Trendsetter

Taylor Swift is the definition of fame right now.

Everything she does is like a super magnet. The way she dresses, the analysis of her Taylor Version easter eggs, her super famous best friends, and of course her dating life is so obsessed over by the mainstream media and her fan base that the poor girl will never have a "normal" life. Of course, I am part of this, but it's crazy how we are all so attracted to this one person.

But at the VMA's we saw a Taylor that made us even more obsessed with her. We saw "drunk Taylor" or what we thought maybe drunk Taylor on display on national television. It was the most relatable I have ever seen her.

Sometimes We Just Have to Let Her Hair Down

It was so nice to see someone so famous and so focused on by so many people just not care. She did not care one bit that every camera, every eye, and every other celebrity was looking at her. She supported, she laughed, she danced, and she drank like no one was watching. It was the best part of that show.

I have a few favorite TikTok recaps that I have watched over and over again. She is hilarious with her singing to Demi, letting fans touch her moon man, and her conversation with NSYNC as she won her Best Pop award. At the after party, she had to lean into the door and was so elegant as she walked to the car. She is a dream. She let herself have the time of her life and it was so good to see that.

Can We All Be Like Drunk Taylor?

I am not sure about you but I felt a sense of freedom because the most iconic person on the planet right now let us see a fun side that all of us wish to show sometime.

It's hard to be on all the time. The pressure as businesswomen, moms, or even just adults has become so important that sometimes we just forget to have fun. I think we are all guilty of taking life so seriously sometimes that it becomes our personality. For me it definitely has!

taylor swift

So, maybe drunk Taylor was the sign we needed to just let go every once in a while and to have fun because life doesn't last forever. Life is a gift and we need to cherish it and have fun with it. I hope to incorporate the drunk Taylor version into my life every once and a while but not actually be drunk. Well okay, maybe I will indulge in a drink!



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