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5 Amazon Items that Help with Services and Therapies

Today's post is all about toys. Almost every day in May and June I am asked what to get the kids and honestly, I have no idea. We have so much! With 4 kids the toys can become overwhelming and the reality of it is that Ellis doesn't like "normal" toys because he is specific with his likes and needs. Therefore, we have focused on toys that have fine motor and sensory value.

So, today's post is all about the Amazon toys that will help with fine motor skills and sensory feedback. Enjoy!

5 Toys from Amazon that Your Child with Autism Will Love!

  • The Busy Book.

This busy book has been an excellent addition to our collection of occupational toys. This book is velcro and felt which makes for a soft and reliable toy. Inside you will find all the daily life things a person may encounter like time, tieing shoes, threading, the alphabet, colors, shapes, and much more. The busy book is designed to help with fine motor and academic skills. I love it because it's easy to clean up and it's portable.

  • Alphabet Backpack.

At first, I did not like this toy because the letters were so difficult to get out of the backpack, but after some use, they started to eject pretty well. My son adores this toy because he loves the alphabet to pieces, so it was a win. It has a magnetic drawing board to help you copy or trace the letters which is a task they complete at his OT sessions. It's also a backpack (hint at the name) so it's very easy to lug around.

  • Color and Shape Puzzle.

We knew Ellis knew the alphabet and his numbers up to 20, but we weren't sure if he knew his colors so we purchased this puzzle. This puzzle has different shapes with different colors in the shape of crayons. I liked the crayons because they are all shaped the same but with different colors, so I could tell what he knew and what he didn't. It's made somewhat like a Melissa and Doug puzzle, so the quality is good.

  • Ball Pit.

Look you can get a fancy ball pit with the soft walls and pretty colored balls or you can do what I did and save a buck by getting a swimming pool and multicolored balls. The ball pit is great for sensory input and Ellis has had it since he was a year old, so it's been a toy that has lasted the test of time.

  • Pop and Sound Books.

Last but certainly not least is pop-it and sound books. With autism a lot of the time kids do not point, so this book can help with that skill. He loves the sound and completing the popping in a certain order. The sound books have a picture and a sound that goes with that picture so he can match shapes, colors, animals, etc. Our favorites are 5 Little Monkeys and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, and What do you Hear? Also, I love it because he is finally interested in books!

What are your favorite toys?

I love being able to share these items with you as we get them because they certainly have helped with fine motor skills and academic outcomes. Do you have any toy recommendations? If so, comment them below and we would LOVE to try them!

Xo, Erica


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