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A Realistic Morning Routine That Works for Moms

Today is August 6, 2023. I am writing this post as I gear up for my new morning routine and schedule. As teachers, we return to school very soon (#notready). Where did the summer go? #amiright?

Morning Routine Expectations

With the new school year starting, there are new schedules and routines for everyone in my household. No more sleeping in (except for the weekends), laying around in pajamas and sweats, and leisurely sipping my coffee. In 11 short days, the routine will be different for everyone. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who can just start a new morning routine I have to gradually adapt. Therefore, the next 11 days are experimental days to see if the new lineup I have will pass the test.

Here is what I have so far:


  1. Go to bed before 10:30 p.m. I would preferably like to be in bed by 10 am but sometimes Ellis doesn't allow for that to happen. My husband is a night owl so he is amazing at helping out on this one. However, my goal is for everyone to be in bed by 9:30 by the time school starts.

  2. Always prepare the night before. Making lunches, having breakfast ready to just go, making sure clothes are packed, and coffee materials are ready to just to ease out the to do list. I always want to pick outfits out beforehand and lay my workout clothes out. I have decided to cut my hair to help with time in the morning which may sound crazy but it's a long time coming.

  3. Wake up between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. Eek that's early, but it's necessary when you work a job that requires you to be there at 8:15, plus 4 kids, a dog, etc to get ready to go.

  4. Try to drink my greens. I have been taking a few things such as a probiotic, allergy medicine, and a nasal rinse but the one inconsistent thing I need are my greens. I have been taking Athletic Greens (AG1) and they are amazing and have a ton of vitamins and minerals to optimize health, but I have a hard time remembering them so I want to try to prioritize them this year.

  5. Lastly, take time for gratitude and cuddles. Sometimes we rush out the door and our morning routine is already a flight or fight situations. I do NOT want to start my school year out that way, therefore, I want to take time to practice gratitude and cheerish the cuddles with my kids.

Morning Routine Expectations in Action

It is Monday, August 28th and we are into the second week of school so I wanted to update everyone on the morning routine situation and how it has been working.

The Verdict

So far, so good. My expectations have been working great minus a few hiccups secondary to Ellis's poor sleep habits but I have maintained consistency! About 90% of the time we are asleep by 10:30pm, however, we are up and down all night and early morning so I would not say I am rested but we are managing. I have been preparing the night before 100% of the time and it has created a very zen atmosphere in the morning to where I am looking for something else to do. My 5:00am wake up call was effective everyday except for last Friday. I decided to sleep in because my body was just exhausted and I listened to it. I also have been in a more positive attitude with saying different gratitude pieces during the morning and throughout the day. I have heard writing them down is a great practice but I decided to start with saying them aloud and placing them in the universe. I also have had lots of cuddles in the morning which makes them really special. However, I am lacking in the greens area and have only taken the supplement one time in the last 10 days. Unfortunately, I continue to forget to prepare them and they just get lost, so I want to try to incorporate them more often.

A Morning Routine for Success

I would say that this morning routine has worked for me tremendously and I am very happy with it. It's easy, it's simplistic, and I doesn't feel like it's a chore. I would say that because my child has poor sleep habits and we struggle with routine changes that I have been less rested then I had hoped but at least I am getting in my mental health and physical health. Soon, we will get the rest piece down but right now I am just trying to be a better mom inside and out.

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