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Why Sinus Nasal Rinses Should Be in Your Evening Routine

Hello and welcome to a little #WellnessWednesday

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I thought it would be a fun little thing for me to share some wellness tips along the way because it is a passion of mine to be knowledgeable in the wellness world.

Nasal Rinses Are a Natural Wellness Product

I feel like a huge pandemic in the world is often pushed aside and that is sinus conditions and issues. I have struggled with sinusitis since I was a toddler. Many doctors have told me that children under the age of 5 cannot have sinus conditions and I think that is total BS, but then again I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. I am just aware of my own body and its needs.

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Sinus Nasal Rinse

I struggled with sinus infections year-round for many years until finally, it got so bad that I was on an antibiotic from July to March. I could not get over the sinus infections or they would stop and a new one would come ready to put me under again, so I was sent to an ENT who specialized in nasal surgery and reconstruction.

What led me to him? Well, when the other ENT performed a scope he noticed a lot of inflammation and congestion. Hence, he ordered an MRI of my sinus cavity, and low and behold I had multiple polyps throughout the whole nasal cavity. This required an elective surgery that changed my life!

Sinus Surgery Lessons

I had the sinus surgery in April of 2023 and as of today, I have not had to have an antibiotic to clear any sinus infection. My CBC has improved, my airways are clear, and although I still have allergic reactions and hives, I do not have sinus infections that debilitated me. However, there is maintenance with this procedure and that includes flushing your sinus cavity with nasal rinses daily.

After the surgery, I was required to rinse morning and nightly. So, I knew I was supposed to do it but I didn't know why or how it helped so much so I decided to do a little deep dive and this is what I had found.

The Amazing Benefits of Sinus Rinsing

Nasal irrigation is safe and it can relieve symptoms of allergies and colds. If you aren't familiar with it it is done at home and you use a water and sodium chloride mix in a sterilized rinse bottle. You place the bottle in your nose and press the water into the sinus cavity so that it drains out the other side, then you switch sides.

These nasal irrigations clear the mucus and flush out different pathogens, allergens, or other debris like pollen, mold, dirt, dust, pet dander, and bacteria. I can tell you that I feel that. I feel the release of different substances going out of my system and it's been so beneficial.

Now with any at-home remedy, there are risks but they are minimal. The risks include infection especially if you do not follow the directions when sterilizing. You also should't rinse if you have an ear infection and if your nose is so stuffed up that it won't release on both sides. The only negative I have personally seen is that I sometimes pop my ears and it takes a few hours to unclog and I can feel it in my eye. Of these concerns, I have brought up to my ENT and for my sinus cavity he said it was normal, but always check with your doctor if you try this and something seems "off".

These nasal irrigations have been such a miracle for my sinus congestion that I cannot recommend them enough, so ask your doctor and see if this type of home remedy works for you!

Why Nasal Rinses Should Be Used




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