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The Coolest Amazon Toys for Sensory Feedback

Have you ever wondered what to buy your child for Christmas or their birthday? Is your child on the spectrum or has a specific interest in sensory-type toys? Don't worry this post has you covered! I have gathered a list of sensory-seeking gifts that are bound to keep your child satisfied and busy for hours!

sensory toys for sensory feedback

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Amazon Has The Coolest Sensory-Seeking Gifts

I love Amazon, especially for sensory-seeking ideas. It is a fun place to find the coolest sensory toys that you don't have to drive to. You can shop in the comfort of your own home which is nice especially when our children hate crowded places with a ton of sensory overload.

Why Sensory Toys?

So, why sensory toys? Well, sensory toys are easy, effective, and beneficial when someone on the spectrum is looking for sensory feedback such as deep pressure, different textures, or even oral feedback.

Maybe you are new to sensory feedback so let's take a step back and dive in head first there. What exactly is sensory feedback? And what is its purpose?

What is Sensory Feedback?

Well, sensory feedback is a term for all the stimuli we receive in our body and what our brain makes aware of our body. Make sense? Someone with autism is either oversensitive or undersensitive to sensory information which is why they may gag at certain textures, stim, or require weighted vests or blankets.

Sensory feedback can be intrinsic or extrinsic and the thalamus regulates these sensory receptors. One of its responsibilities is touch and the way the body recognizes it. When a child is sensory seeking it means they need to feel a certain touch or movement such as jumping, swinging, crashing, squishing, or other preferred actions.

What Does Sensory Feedback Look Like on a Child?

Ellis loves squishing and swinging so most sensory-seeking toys or items we look for involve those movements but we also want to challenge his sensory processes and help him learn to recognize those feelings as well.

If your child is sensory seeking I highly suggest buying less of "general" toys and moving into sensory toys that can help your child adapt. These might be a good start because they help with the movements your child is mimicking such as swinging, dancing, flapping, tapping, banging, spinning, screeching, and more.

sensory toys for sensory feedback

8 Of The Coolest Sensory Toys and Products on Amazon

1. Harkla Sensory Swing

This thing is downright awesome! The swing isn't difficult to install but know that it does attach to your ceiling. I believe you can get a swing hook for it, but we attached it to the ceiling for optimal use. My son absolutely loves it and the way it compresses against his body is so beneficial. It will hold up to 250 lbs, so most of the family can enjoy it. I highly recommend one of these especially if you live in places where there are long winters and you cannot get outside for a regular swing.

2. Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin

Sand, water beads, trinkets, what is not to love? The amount of texture sensation that is in this one box is perfect for sensory therapy. My son loves digging and feeling all the different textures and although it is a tad messy, the mess is worth the smile. If you don't like the ocean theme, no worries, there are other themes available such as space, dinos, and more!

3. Bubble Lamp

So we have yet to get one for the house but it's on his birthday list. He absolutely loves lights, which most autistic kiddos do, so this is a must for them. I know that whenever we go to different hospitals they use these as decorations and kids are so drawn to them and they provide an almost calming effect. In my teammate's classroom, she bought a small one with jellyfish and the kids absolutely loved it!

4. Sensory Brush

This gem was found at OT. The OT started brushing Ellis with this tiny little brush and I physically saw his whole body relax. You could see his muscles started to relax as he was touched on his arms and legs and eventually, we were able to move to his stomach and back but this was able to get him used to a different texture that he was never introduced to. It is so simple and comes in a nice pack of 6-8.

5. Body Bean Bag

This is an absolute fun fest! The compression, the texture, and the sensory input that is received with this body bean bag are like no other. Ellis adores this and he is able to manipulate his body around it without my help which promotes independence. I have seen more tummy time surprisingly in this bean bag then I have ever seen him do. Again, OT found this gem in the rough.

6. Trampoline

There is nothing like the smile I get when I see Ellis on a trampoline. Yes, a trampoline is quite the investment and you will need help putting it together but I feel that it is so worth it. There are risks involved since it is a large, jumping toy that is elevated off the ground but the nets help and always be around when your kiddo is on. If this is too big for your little one then you can always invest in the smaller-toddler version. Since we have 4 kids, we decided on the larger one.

7. Ramen Noodles

These goofy little things were a hit. My mother-in-law bought these because Ellis hates the texture of noodles and although he was hesitant at first, he quickly warmed up and these became such fun. The simple things!

8. Sensory Tent

I love the idea of his own space with the lights we currently have and this sensory bubble is the perfect place for this! It's such a good idea that he can go and regulate, get away from everyone, and just be by himself.

Sensory Toys are a Rising Trend

sensory toys for sensory feedback

Sensory toys are trendy right now. From fidgets to slim you can find sensory toys just about anywhere. The key is to find the right toy that fits your kiddo. You also want to be realistic about how you can manage each sensory toy. For example, if you don't like a lot of mess then maybe slim and sensory bins are not for your family right now. If you have a small place or are renting then the swing isn't going to be a good fit. Look at your current situation and choose things that will fit into your life.

Sensory goals are one of the main focuses in our house so if you have any more toys/items that weren't included let me know! We are eager to try everything to help Ellis regulate and get used to different textures.




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