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The Best Memes That Explain Being Autism Parent

This post will make you laugh out loud-literally. I feel like in a world where things are "different" or "atypical" a laugh is good medicine for the soul. I tend to search for memes on Pinterest or Instagram to look a the bright side of things related to parenting or autism. It's good for the soul.

So, in the post, I wanted to share my favorite memes that make me smile when I am having a difficult day.

  1. This is pretty funny because it's so true. Ellis watches the same YouTube videos over and over again and I now know the songs by heart.

2. The playground is not relaxing for parents. It's a stress fest. Via Gemma Uí Mhurchú

3. This is literally my life every day, how about you? Via Jean Hong

4. Self-explanatory Via Tori Manning

5. Precisely Via Sarah Hoyle

I hope these brightened up your day!


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