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Life Lately: Preschool and Therapy

I thought it would be fun to start a weekly check-in with everything related to family and life.

First off all this week has been pretty low-key. On Monday, everyone went to school. Ellis goes to a pre-K for 2-year-olds and he absolutely loves it! His teacher stated that he has been making more sounds than normal. Unfortunately, he came down with a 102-degree fever and was sent home. We basically spent the whole week fighting that off....

Anyway back to the sounds, for example, if I say "love you" he will respond with sounds that almost mimic the rhythm of "love you" which is extremely exciting for us! He has also been interacting with the communication device that the board of education gave him. Since he is so young, we never force anything and it has been mainly integrating interaction with choices.

At OT they worked on a lot of things, but the biggest accomplishment this week was moving the scooter by himself with a reciprocal pattern! It was such a big moment. I love that Ellis loves his therapies so much!

Other than that, and the huge full moon that we all felt at school, it was a pretty chill week. We are both exhausted from the week and of course, the weekend wasn't great with sleep, but nevertheless, we survived.

Lastly, we had a meeting with our autism doctor, whom I love, and we are next up for genetic testing. I haven't mentioned this here yet, but I am going to write a whole blog post on it once we experience the process.

That's the week!


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