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10 Products That Make My Mom Life Easier

I started thinking lately about the "things" in my life that I appreciate. Most of them are small, minuscule things, but they add value to my daily life. So, for today's post, I decided to share the products that help tackle my mom life. Let's jump right in!

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10 amazing mom products

1. Pimple Patches

These things are a lifesaver especially when Aunt Flo comes to town. The directions state to place them on a pimple that is currently white and it will basically suck the infection out, but I find they help with cystic acne as well. Every month I get a "hard" zit which I call a stress zit. When I feel it coming I place the patch on that spot for the next several nights and it continues to get smaller and then sometimes it actually comes to a head. These things are pure magic. They have patches and strips and I have tried both and both are great!

2. The Peloton App

I do not have a Peloton bike or tread, but I do have the app and a generic bike and it works. I LOVE the Peloton app because it takes the guessing out of my routine. I basically schedule the week and then press play. I don't have to think about a thing which I love. I take a variety of classes including spin, bike bootcamp, yoga, strength, foam rolling, kickboxing, and dance cardio. My favorite instructors are Callie, Jess Sims, Robin, Kirra, and Aditi. As a former group fitness instructor, I truly appreciate the level of professionalism and music selection from all the instructors. Their personalities really shine through.

3. Hero Redness Rescue

Again the brand HERO comes to the recuse! This cream is pure magic! I tend to run red especially because of the blackhead medicine I use prescribed by the doctor, but this takes the redness right out. I usually put the cream on first then the rest of my makeup and then on the days I do not go to work I just wear the cream. I absolutely love it and it's a game changer!

4. ClearStem Products

I struggled for years to find the best cleanser and moisturizer for my face until I heard of ClearStem products. These products have never broken me out and they have helped my skin a lot! My favorites are the Vitamin Scrub and the HydraGlow. You can find them here.

5. Handheld Frother

There is no way I could live without a frother. I love coffee but I love it frothed. This is my favorite because it's portable and rechargeable. It does not disappoint and it makes my coffee and/or milk super frothy! You will need an extra plug for the rechargeable port because it does not come with one.

6. The Toddler/Baby Stroller Situation

This thing has been a lifesaver! The baby rides in the front and it's able to fit the car seat if you fold the seat down, as long as you have a Chicco car seat, and then the toddler has a sit/stand situation in the back. It's pretty lightweight and folds up easily. I would say that this is my favorite product I have ever gotten for my mom life. My boys and I go a lot of places just the three of us and it comes in handy.

7. Kids Youtube

This is self-explanatory, right? Kids YouTube is great because there are no commercials, you can place different settings on the app, and kids love it! Ellis watches a lot of ABCs, songs, and sensory stimulator videos, and it's a great self-soothing app. It's fantastic!

8. An AirFryer

If you haven't joined the AirFryer trend then you need to. This is our favorite kitchen appliance in the house and it's used daily. I heat up nuggets, pizza, and even cake in this bad boy. We also cook different things like homemade fries, veggies, meats, and most importantly wings! Honestly, you can do a lot with this machine!

9. Planner

A planner is another self-explanatory item especially if you're a busy mom. I did not put a link because I don't feel like I have found "the one" planner that makes my dreams come true. I like many of them but I still find that I use my phone, paper/pencil, and random other calendars. I cannot seem to find the one that fits all my needs. However, I do think a planner is a must to keep your ducks in a row.

10. Nasal Rinse

Last but certainly not least is a nasal rinse. I had sinus surgery in April of 2023 and ever since then, I have been asked to rinse 1-2 times per day by my ENT. Since starting daily rinses I have noticed fewer allergic reactions, less stuffy noses, and most importantly I have not had one sinus infection since my nose surgery. Now, I do recognize that my sinus surgery probably had a lot to do with that but the sinus rinse helps get all of the pollution and allergens out of the sinus cavity so that it can stay clear. He told me that this would help but I have to continue rinses to maintain the clearness of my cavity, so I highly recommend rinses especially if you struggle with allergies. This one is my favorite!


I hope these items help you just as much as they help me! I have noticed that with these purchases I can relax a little bit and focus more on myself and my family. It's amazing how small items can make such a big impact on your daily life.

Happy day!


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